Beliefs and Culture

At Shively Bros., we have six beliefs that build our culture of entrepreneurship, superior service, and continuous improvement:

  • Safety:  Our employees’ safety is our highest priority.  If we can’t do it safely, nothing else matters.

  • People:  We are employee-owned company that fosters the entrepreneurial spirit and long term employment.  Both of these contribute to superior performance and reduced costs.

  • Quality:  We are ISO Certified 9002 and have a dynamic continuous improvement process and corrective action process.  “We will deliver products and services that meet or exceed our customer’s requirements.”

  • Responsiveness:  We provide 24 hour, 7 day a week services to our customers. 

  • Cost:  We focus on our customers’ overall costs by increasing through-put, reducing scrap and tool cost while maintaining a lean management process.

  • Environment:  We are dedicated to protecting our planet and providing sustainable solutions for our customers.  We support landfill-free initiatives by recycling paper, cardboard, toner & ink cartridges, batteries, electronic equipment, scrap steel and carbide.